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Henry 356 Felt Backed Sheet Flooring And Carpet Adhesive, 4 Gal.


Henry 356. For installations of residential feltbacked sheet flooring and commercial carpet; Jute, Action Bac (polypropylene), latex unitary, urethane foam, Action Bac (unitary), latex foam backed, nonbacked needle punched. Bonds to: Concrete, underlayments, wood substrates, terrazzo, and existing sheet flooring. Refer to flooring manufacturer's specific recommendations for subfloor preparation. Recommended trowel sizes for carpet are guidlines only, and are minimum requirements. Rough, porus concrete and heavy textured carpet backings may require deeper notches. 10 year limited warranty. VOC content: 5 g/L; calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1168. For sheet flooring use: a 1/16' D. x 1/16' W. x 1/16' A square notch trowel, 35 to 40 sq. ft. per quart. For other recommended carpet backings use: C 1/8' D. x 1/8' W. x 1/16' A V-notch trowel, 23 to 27 sq. ft. per quart. For latex and urethane foam use: D 3/32' D. x 3/32' W. x 3/32' A V-notch trowel, 36 to 41 sq. ft. per quart. Plastic pail.

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