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Danco Basket Strainer and Stopper

Danco Basket Strainer and Stopper


The Danco basket strainer and stopper is designed to cover the opening of various brands of garbage disposals and sinks. The strainer keeps the drain open while working at the sink and when the center stopper is pushed down, it can be used as a stopper. A universal garbage disposal stopper is also included.

Prevents silverware and other larger items from slipping into drain
Holds water in your sink while providing a strong and leak proof seal to keep water in
Made of a durable, flexible, strain-resistant rubber that will endure the rigors of daily use
Strainer O.D. is 4 inches and Stopper O.D. is 3-1/3 inches
Dishwasher safe allows for easy cleaning
Decorative accent to your kitchen decor
Universal design will fit most kitchen sink drains

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