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Crescent Wiss 9-1/4

Crescent Wiss 9-1/4" MetalMaster® Bulldog Snips

Crescent Wiss

Crescent Wiss® has taken the Aviation Snip to the next level with the advanced MetalMaster® Aviation Snips. The precision-cast molybdenum blades have CNC-ground serrations which allow for more uniform serrations that provide a cleaner cut every time. They feature extended pivot bolt life due to the superior free-float design. The spring-action design allows for fast, effortless feed. The all-new latch design provides ergonomic single-handed operation for left or right handed users. New extended non-slip handle grips give users better control while cutting. The new generation of Crescent Wiss MetalMaster® will cut over 8 miles of steel and feature up to 10 times longer cut life than traditional Aviation Snips. They are available in left/straight cut or right/straight cut.

Cuts straight lines
For notching or trimming extra heavy stock
Blade serrations hold material firmly and spread cutting force uniformly across blade edge, improving cut quality and tool life

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