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Camco Adapter Kit - Element, Universal Bilingual

Camco Adapter Kit - Element, Universal Bilingual


The Universal Element Adapter kit allows you to replace your flat, universal or round flange element with a standard screw-in element. The kit contains all pieces for use including one 2-1/2" 4-bolt Adapt-a-Flange, one four hole gasket, four 5/16" - 18x5/8" long hex flange-head bolts, one screw-in element gasket and one thermostat bracket. Product includes one adapter kit, tools for instillation not included.

Universal Water Heater Element Adapter
Comes with (1) 2 ½” 4-bolt Adapt-a-Flange, (1) Screw-in Element Gasket, and (1) Thermostat Bracket
Includes (1) Four Hole Gasket
Has (4) 5/16” – 18x5/8” long Hex Flange-Head Bolts

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